About us

The Social Club London was launched during lockdown 1 in August 2020, to create a positive happy brand for adults and kids that celebrated all things social during a time when being social meant wearing face masks, 2 metre social distancing and garden meets. 

The Social Club London brings happy loungewear and accessories to adults and kids of all ages.

"Smiles are so infectious so we wanted to bring that to life in all the garments and accessories we launch. Our sweatshirts, shoppers and tees are all made using recycled materials and the softest organic cotton, they are made to last and are sure to make you feel good and everyone around you."

We want people of all ages to feel good when they wear our products, so no matter what your age when you wear our clothing you feel confident and cool! Age & style is no object, everyone wears their clothes differently but one thing that's a common thread across all is that it makes people smile and that smile rubs off on anyone they see.

Positive vibes only

Our range is a collection of bright colours, happy faces and positive energy.