Hand-made, hand painted & carefully finished these bath bombs are just so delightful. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jo behind Max&Mia Bath co recently and we just clicked, her passion and enthusiasm for her products is just AMAZING. Jo’s daughter Mia suffers from eczema and would experience severe reactions to many soaps and bath products marketed for use with children.
    On one occasion using a well known High St bath bomb brand she ended up in A&E however given her love for bath bombs Jo was determined to find a solution for she ditched her City career and started up this wonderful small business.

    After heaps of research and testing, Jo found a group of products which worked really well together, a combination of oils, butters & hero ingredients that soothed existing flare ups and instead of irritation nourished the skin and made bath-time a real treat. *

    I really had no idea how much time and detail goes into each and every bath bomb, they’re even certified and assessed before they’re ready for sale.

    Each bath bomb is kind to the skin, cruelty free & sustainable (free from parabens and no SLS EVER) and responsible with recyclable or compostable packaging.

    I am so DELIGHTED to be able to share our little collaboration with you all.
    These bath bombs make the perfect gift & stocking filler :-)

    You really must try them!

    Love Jo & Jo X

    *Please note Max & Mia Bath Co doesn't claim to have solved the problem of eczema for Mia however she does not suffer flare ups after using these products. Everyone is different & so caution should be taken & testing carried out if you do have any skin sensitivity.