Maria's Guide to Overcoming Wardrobe Anxiety & Shopping Preloved

What inspired you to take a new direction in fashion?
I loved my time managing personal shopping at Harrods, but when I had my two children I started developing a growing interest in sustainability. I could see how brands were encouraging us to buy things we don’t need and how that affects not only our style confidence but also our mental health and clarity of mind. So I decided to launch Slow Style Mindset to help drown out the noise of fast fashion marketing and help women take a slower, more sustainable approach to managing their wardrobe with all the empowering benefits that brings!

Wardrobe Overwhelm, I feel it everyday….. what’s you’re advice on how to overcome this feeling when I slide open those doors every morning...
The first point of call for overcoming wardrobe overwhelm is, without question, to complete a wardrobe detox.  As overwhelming as it may feel, taking everything out of your wardrobe and cleansing out items that no longer fit your style, lifestyle or body shape will create space and calm. The process will also help you to re-affirm your style by understanding the items you love wearing and the styles you rarely wear.

What are your top tips for shopping preloved in 2024?
Identify some brands that align with your personal style and know your size in those brands, this will help you to minimise search results when looking at larger preloved sites such as Vinted which can be overwhelming. Get to know small independent preloved shopping businesses such Slow Style Mindset ‘Preloved’ who are more likely to accept returns for a seamless experience. Lastly, check whether your favourite small brands has a preloved section - something I know is offered on the website of The Social Club London.

You’ve just launched a Bag Amnesty, tell us more about this and how people can get involved?
Most people have one or two bags unloved lurking in their wardrobe gathering dust. This January/February we are asking people to surrender their unloved bags so that Slow Style Mindset can take the stress out of selling them for you. We’ll be accepting bags - from high end high street to designer - for sale all through the month with a Preloved bag event taking place both online and at The Remedy Store, Leigh-on-Sea from 10th - 12th February... just in time for Valentines Day :-)
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