TV's Pharmacist Thorrun's best tips on de-stressing & feeling good in the New Year!

Pharmacist Thorrun is a TV Pharmacist and healthcare expert. She pops up on your TV to give the best health advice!
We spoke to her, to get the best tips on de-stressing and feeling good!
This is what she said...

A good support network in and outside work is vital for those feel-good moments. Whether it's going for a run with a colleague during the workday or setting a date for afternoon tea with your bestie, it’s good to get something to look forward to in the diary. Talking things through can help you find solutions, but don’t forget that feel good factor of listening and supporting someone else.

Imagine every day, however bad you felt, you wrote down three things you appreciated. You could then look back at the last week, month or even year. We often forget the little things that have made us smile, so make sure that feel good moment lasts longer than just a moment!

Ditch the unhealthy coping mechanisms
You might find that you turn to alcohol, smoking or caffeine to cope with stress. Ultimately this doesn’t solve the root cause though. Whilst in the short term it may feel uncomfortable to get a grip of these, your body and mind will thank you. There is also lots of support from the NHS and charities available.

Studies show that those who do regular physical activity have lower risk of conditions such as coronary heart disease, depression, dementia amongst others. Whether it’s Zumba with friends, a bike ride or dancing in the rain - get your heart rate up and feel the benefits to your brain! Exercise is a great boost for self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy.

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